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  • Pool and Billiards For Dummies

    Practical, step-by-step tips for players of all levels

    From Snooker to Carom to good-old-fashioned 8- or 9-Ball, Pool & Billiards For Dummies reveals the tips, tricks, and rules of play, covering the variety of the ever-popular games that make up pool and billiards. This hands-on guide discusses everything from the rules and strategies of the games to how to set up a pool room to choosing the right equipment, and is accompanied by dozens of photos and line drawings.

    • See how hard to hit the cue ball and where to hit it, the angle to hold the cue stick and how much chalk to use, how to use a bridge, and how to put spin on the ball
    • Includes advanced pool techniques and trick shots for the seasoned pool sharp

    With Pool & Billiards For Dummies, even a novice can play like a champion!

  • Fusion Protein Technologies for Biopharmaceuticals: Applications and Challenges

    This book presents the state-of-the-art for development of fusion proteins, demonstrates current concepts, describes multiple applications, and discusses typical challenges linked to these molecules. It overviews the multitude of possibilities to design novel protein drugs while balancing between proven concepts and new ideas that have not reached the clinic yet. The book is structured into three larger parts. First general issues and concepts are discussed before in the second part examples on the three categories (time, toxicity, and targeting) are presented. Finally, novel concepts and the rising class of multispecifc antibodies are described. Together, the chapters combine the success stories of marketed drugs with the dynamic preclinical and clinical research into novel drugs addressing unmet medical needs.

  • The HIP Investor: Make Bigger Profits by Building a Better World

    A new breed of investing that combines making more money and making a difference

    First there were the "Profiteers," investors who sought to make money regardless of the cost to society. Then came the "Do-Gooders," investors who avoided "bad" companies and supported "good" ones, based on philosophy over financials. Now this book introduces a brand new breed of investor: The HIP Investor.

    Written for those who want to profit handsomely while also building a better world, it will help you discover companies that are boosting the bottom line by solving key human needs through innovative products and services-benefiting customers, engaging employees, and delivering sustainable, profitable growth for their investors. That?s the Human Impact + Profit, or HIP, approach.

    In The HIP Investor, R. Paul Herman-creator of the HIP methodology-introduces a revolutionary system that allows investors to profit and make a positive impact. It values measurable results over policies and philosophies, and shows how higher-performing companies can deliver both human impact and profit for shareholders. This book

    • Provides a compelling, easy to use "investor tool-kit" so you can quickly "HIP" your portfolio
    • Reveals the three questions you should ask when looking for a company to invest in
    • Illustrates how world problems can be solved for profit by companies and investors making informed decisions

    You can make money while making a difference, and The HIP Investor is here to show you how.

  • Nautical Calculation Practical Companion

    A handy, splash-proof, on-the-water reference guide for every calculation needed for coastal and offshore navigation, plus all the frequently needed (but often forgotten) equations and formulae needed afloat. Each topic is followed by a worked example, and line drawings to illustrate the process. It is an aide-memoire, not a textbook. Explanations have been kept to a minimum and if you wish to see proofs then you must look elsewhere.

  • Physics Essentials For Dummies

    For students who just need to know the vital concepts of physics,whether as a refresher, for exam prep, or as a reference, Physics Essentials For Dummies is a must-have guide. Free oframp-up and ancillary material, Physics Essentials ForDummies contains content focused on key topics only. Itprovides discrete explanations of critical concepts taught in anintroductory physics course, from force and motion to momentum andkinetics. This guide is also a perfect reference for parents whoneed to review critical physics concepts as they help high schoolstudents with homework assignments, as well as for adult learnersheaded back to the classroom who just need a refresher of the coreconcepts.

    The Essentials For Dummies Series
    Dummies is proud to present our new series, The Essentials ForDummies. Now students who are prepping for exams, preparing tostudy new material, or who just need a refresher can have aconcise, easy-to-understand review guide that covers an entirecourse by concentrating solely on the most important concepts. Fromalgebra and chemistry to grammar and Spanish, our expert authorsfocus on the skills students most need to succeed in a subject.

  • Expert Android Application Development

    Best practices for Android application architecture, performance measurement, and efficiency

    Android is a powerful, flexible, open source platform for mobile devices and its popularity continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Bestselling author Reto Meier presents an in-depth reference to application design, including best practices, style guidelines, useful reference material, design patterns, and introductions to as-yet unreleased APIs, native development, and OpenGL.

    Packed with examples and written in a first-hand approach to the subject matter, this book addresses alternative development options, and shows you how to design fast, reactive game interfaces and efficient application screens that comply with usability standards.

    • Begins with a brief introduction to alternative development options and then quickly moves on to best practices for application architecture, performance measurement, and efficiency
    • Explains how to design fast, reactive game interfaces and efficient application screens that comply with usability standards
    • Introduces the new APIs available to developers, before offering an advanced introduction to OpenGL and native Android development projects
    • Shares specific details for creating attractive, efficient, and robust games and applications.
    • Provides details for using the latest Android APIs

    Providing advanced lessons on Android application development, this book offers unparalleled detailed coverage of Android.

  • Medical Biochemistry at a Glance

    Offering a concise, illustrated summary of biochemistry and its relevance to clinical medicine, Medical Biochemistry at a Glance is intended for students of medicine and the biomedical sciences such as nutrition, biochemistry, sports science, medical laboratory sciences, physiotherapy, pharmacy, physiology, pharmacology, genetics and veterinary science. It also provides a succinct review and reference for medical practitioners and biomedical scientists who need to quickly refresh their knowledge of medical biochemistry.

    The book is designed as a revision guide for students preparing for examinations and contains topics that have been identified as ?high-yield? facts for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), Step 1.

    This third edition:

    • Has been thoroughly revised and updated and is now in full colour throughout
    • Is written by the author of the hugely successful Metabolism at a Glance (ISBN 9781405107167)
    • Features updated and improved clinical correlates
    • Expands its coverage with a new section on Molecular Biology
    • Includes a brand new companion website of self-assessment questions and answers at www.ataglanceseries.com/medicalbiochemistry

  • Credit Risk Modeling using Excel and VBA

    It is common to blame the inadequacy of credit risk models for the fact that the financial crisis has caught many market participants by surprise. On closer inspection, though, it often appears that market participants failed to understand or to use the models correctly. The recent events therefore do not invalidate traditional credit risk modeling as described in the first edition of the book. A second edition is timely, however, because the first dealt relatively briefly with instruments featuring prominently in the crisis (CDSs and CDOs). In addition to expanding the coverage of these instruments, the book will focus on modeling aspects which were of particular relevance in the financial crisis (e.g. estimation error) and demonstrate the usefulness of credit risk modelling through case studies.

    This book provides practitioners and students with an intuitive, hands-on introduction to modern credit risk modelling.  Every chapter starts with an explanation of the methodology and then the authors take the reader step by step through the implementation of the methods in Excel and VBA.  They focus specifically on risk management issues and cover default probability estimation (scoring, structural models, and transition matrices), correlation and portfolio analysis, validation, as well as credit default swaps and structured finance.

    The book has an accompanying website, http://loeffler-posch.com/, which has been specially updated for this Second Edition and contains slides and exercises for lecturers.

  • Herb Gardening For Dummies

    A plain-English guide to the world of herb gardening

    Starting an herb garden isn?t free, but it certainly outweighs the growing costs of buying retail herbs. Plus, adding homegrown ingredients to your meals is a healthy and tasty way to improve upon any dish you whip up at home.

    This friendly, hands-on guide is an excellent introduction to the world of herb gardening. It gives you tips and advice to grow a thriving herb garden that will add depth and flavor to home-cooked meals-as well as boost your health.

    • How to choose, plant, and care for herbs
    • Covers ready-made versus homemade soil mixes, starting plants from seeds, and other fundamentals
    • How to prevent insects, pests, and diseases from invading your containers
    • Over 30 herb recipes for everyday uses, including rubs, marinades, beauty products, and more

    Whether you?re interested in getting step-by-step instructions for starting on your first herb garden or already have one and want to learn new tips and techniques, Herb Gardening For Dummies, 2nd Edition has you covered!

  • Principles and Practices of Biological Mass Spectrometry

    Now in a revised and updated edition, this book provides biological sciences professionals with the fundamentals of contemporary mass spectrometry so that they can confidently choose and apply the best instrumentation and experimental approaches for their needs. The new edition now includes metabolomics, proteomics, protein-protein interactions and networks, MALDI, ESI, and nanoESI, as well as more applications for real-world problems. The only single-volume guide available, this text combines coverage of the latest instrumentation, techniques, and applications, making it an excellent working resource for experts and novices alike.

  • Fundamental Principles of Polymeric Materials

    New edition brings classic text up to date with the latest science, techniques, and applications

    With its balanced presentation of polymer chemistry, physics, and engineering applications, the Third Edition of this classic text continues to instill readers with a solid understanding of the core concepts underlying polymeric materials. Both students and instructors have praised the text for its clear explanations and logical organization. It begins with molecular-level considerations and then progressively builds the reader?s knowledge with discussions of bulk properties, mechanical behavior, and processing methods.

    Following a brief introduction, Fundamental Principles of Polymeric Materials is divided into four parts:

    • Part 1: Polymer Fundamentals

    • Part 2: Polymer Synthesis

    • Part 3: Polymer Properties

    • Part 4: Polymer Processing and Performance

    Thoroughly Updated and Revised

    Readers familiar with the previous edition of this text will find that the organization and style have been updated with new material to help them grasp key concepts and discover the latest science, techniques, and applications. For example, there are new introductory sections on organic functional groups focusing on the structures found in condensation polymerizations. The text also features new techniques for polymer analysis, processing, and microencapsulation as well as emerging techniques such as atom transfer radical polymerization.

    At the end of each chapter are problems including many that are new to this edition to test the reader?s grasp of core concepts as they advance through the text. There are also references leading to the primary literature for further investigation of individual topics.

    A classic in its field, this text enables students in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, and mechanical engineering to fully grasp and apply the fundamentals of polymeric materials, preparing them for more advanced coursework.

  • Photoshop® CS5 For Dummies®

    The bestselling guide to the leading image-editing software, fully updated Previous editions of this For Dummies guide have sold more 650,000 copies. Richly illustrated in full color, this edition covers all the updates Photoshop CS5, the gold standard for image-editing programs. Used by professional photographers, graphic designers, and web designers as well as hobbyists, Photoshop has more than four million users worldwide. Photoshop is the image-editing software preferred by professional photographers and designers around the world; Photoshop CS5 is packed with new functionality and enhanced tools Teaches all the basics for first-time users, including how to work with the menus, panels, tools, options, and essential shortcuts Covers how to fix red-eye, remove blemishes and wrinkles, remove people or objects from a photo, adjust brightness, improve color, add shadows and highlights, work with Camera Raw, decrease digital noise, create composite images, use channels and masks, optimize images for the Web, and much more Photoshop CS5 For Dummies helps both amateur and professional Photoshop users take advantage of all the program has to offer.

  • Prostate Cancer Survivors Speak Their Minds: Advice on Options, Treatments, and Aftereffects

    Personal stories show men how to make the right decisions for themselves, with medical insights from a leading Johns Hopkins authority on prostate cancer If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you want to know the facts about treatment options as well as what to expect through the process of treatment and recovery. Written by Dr. Arthur L. Burnett, II. one of the world?s most distinguished authorities on prostate cancer and veteran CBS News journalist and prostate cancer survivor, Norman Morris, Prostate Cancer Survivors Speak Their Minds gives you the information you need through the experiences of men who have had prostate cancer. Dr. Burnett speaks openly and honestly about prostate cancer options, treatments, and aftereffects and shares stories of both well-known and ordinary prostate cancer survivors who offer their personal reflections on going through treatment and getting well. Includes personal stories from notable prostate cancer survivors such as Arnold Palmer, Ken Griffey Sr., Pat Robertson, and others Takes an authoritative look at prostate cancer treatments, current and promising scientific breakthroughs, and life-altering side effects Author Arthur Burnett, a leading prostate cancer expert, is the Patrick C. Walsh Professor of Urology, Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the Johns Hopkins?s James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute and is renowned for his research studies that led to the formulation of Viagra Offers solutions to common side effects such as sexual problems and incontinence Combining the essential medical facts about prostate cancer with personal, intimate stories told by courageous men who have survived it, this book is an invaluable guide for men diagnosed with prostate cancer and those who care about them.

  • Lighting Design: Beyond the Basics

    This book presents a robust presentation of the technical skills needed for lighting design. It is complemented by the most current technology and practice for energy efficiency to give the reader a holistic view of lighting that considers the unique conditions of each project. A companion volume to the authors? Lighting Design Basics, this book enables readers to develop and document more complex lighting designs that include details, commission fixtures to develop life cycle costs, and begin to use contemporary lighting design software.

  • Blender Studio Projects: Digital Movie-Making

    Learn how to get professional results from Blender

    Start from scratch-the way it happens in the studio-and create fully rendered objects with Blender open-source 3D animation software and this real-world, roll-up-your-sleeves guide. No time is wasted-this book plunges straight into step-by-step instruction designed to help you build skills and create solid assets for film, video, and games.

    Blender is gaining clout in professional settings, and you can get a running start with this series of hands-on tutorials that encompasses multiple disciplines. The book includes a DVD with starter, intermediate, and final files, as well as movie files to help you every step of the way.

    • Helps you harness Blender, the free, open-source alternative to commercial CG packages such as Maya and 3ds Max
    • Presents projects that start from scratch and encompass multiple disciplines, thoroughly teaching you the Blender software
    • Shows you how to use Blender attributes and tools for professional results
    • Allows you to emerge with finished, renderable objects and assets for use in film, video, or games
    • Includes a DVD with starter, intermediate, and final files, plus movie files for reference

    This unparalleled book contains everything you need to know to take your Blender skills to a new level.

    Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

  • BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design

    "Any architect doing small or medium scaled projects who is also vested in sustainable design but is not yet doing BIM will enjoy this book?s overall focus."-Architosh.com

    This work is the leading guide to architectural design within a building information modeling (BIM) workflow, giving the practitioner a clear procedure when designing climate-load dominated buildings. The book incorporates new information related to BIM, integrated practice, and sustainable design, as well information on how designers can incorporate the latest technological tools. Each chapter addresses specific topics, such as natural ventilation for cooling, passive solar heating, rainwater harvesting and building hydrology, optimizing material use and reducing construction waste, and collaborating with consultants or other building professionals such as engineers and energy modelers.   

  • 7Twelve: A Diversified Investment Portfolio with a Plan

    A proven way to put together a portfolio that enhances performance and reduces risk

    Professor Craig Israelsen of Brigham Young University is an important voice in the area of asset allocation. The reason? He keeps things simple. Now, in 7Twelve, he shows you how to do the same, and demonstrates how his approach to investing can help you grow your money as well as protect it.

    7Twelve outlines a multi-asset balanced portfolio that is a logical starting point when assembling a portfolio-either as the blueprint for the entire portfolio or as a significant building block. Page by page, he will show you how to create a balanced portfolio utilizing multiple asset classes to enhance performance and reduce risk.

    • Discusses how the 7Twelve portfolio includes seven core asset classes and utilizes twelve specific mutual funds or exchange traded funds
    • Details the tax efficiency of this specific investment approach
    • Shows you how to use the 7Twelve portfolio as a pre-retirement accumulation portfolio or a post-retirement distribution portfolio

    If you want to build a well-balanced, multi-asset portfolio, 7Twelve is the book for you.

  • Rooftop and Terrace Gardens: A step-by-step guide to creating a modern and stylish space

    Creating a terrace or rooftop paradise

    This city-dwellers guide to gardening shows how less is actually more, especially when it comes to creating one?s own terrace and rooftop paradise. With ten sample gardens to choose from, including the plans for each, this practical guide describes every aspect of urban gardening-from design for roofs, screening and framing, gardening without soil to containers, furniture, and decorations and special effects. Full of overall and close-up photos of each garden, this magazine-style guide will show any apartment dweller how to create their very own Eden-with a garden of ferns and bamboos and vegetables and herbs only footsteps away.

  • Nonprofit Kit For Dummies®

    Tips and techniques to help your nonprofit thrive in any economy

    Due to the recent downturn in the economy, a significant number of nonprofit organizations have experienced a major decrease in funding and contributions. Nonprofit Kit for Dummies, 3rd Edition caters to these organizations and shows you how your nonprofit can thrive and survive even in the current economic climate.

    With 25% new and revised material, Nonprofit Kit For Dummies, 3rd Edition offers new tips and information on everything you need to navigate the process of setting up and effectively running a nonprofit organization.

    • Covers raising money, applying for grants, and developing the perfect mission statement
    • Details on how state laws vary; conducting program evaluations; and conforming to accounting standards
    • CD includes forms, worksheets, templates, and more

    Whether you?re thinking about starting your own nonprofit or are already working in the sector, Nonprofit Kit For Dummies, 3rd Edition is a valuable source for getting the latest information and practical advice on running a prosperous nonprofit organization.

  • Construction Claims and Responses: Effective Writing and Presentation

    Featuring a Foreword by Roger Knowles FRICS, FCIArb, FQSi, Barrister

    The book discusses the different types of claim common to construction contracts and presents a step-by-step guide which demonstrates the process of building up the submission of a claim.

    It includes guidelines as to how to set out the claim, section by section in a logical manner to ensure that the essentials of a successful claim are included. Worked examples of claims for variations, extensions of time and additional payment are included together with sample wording showing precisely how the claim may be presented in a manner which will lead the reviewer to a logical conclusion - or at least contain a persuasive argument to support the claimant s case.

    The vast majority of claims are managed without the need to resort to case law or legal matters. Construction Claims: effective writing & responses therefore discusses what the claim is trying to achieve and how to do this in a logical and persuasive manner This is a practical, hands-on guide for the construction industry professional which explains how to approach the preparation of the claim document, what topics to cover, how to present the essential elements and how to compile the submission document into a user friendly and comprehensive document.

    For those whose job it is to review such submissions, it advises how to prepare responses which set out the respondent s counter arguments, points of view and determinations.

    The guide covers:

    • The various types of claim.
    • How the claim may be split into sections dealing with the details of the contract, the cause, the effect, entitlement and quantum.
    • What this section is attempting to demonstrate or achieve and why.
    • What should be included within the section and why.
    • Worked examples of typical claims and responses with sample wording.

  • Job Hunting and Career Change All-In-One For Dummies®

    Includes expert advice on changing direction in your career

    Get out of the rut and into your dream job

    This hands-on guide takes you through every aspect of finding and securing the job you want. From searching for vacancies through to preparing for the interview and making a strong impression, this book has it covered. Key personal development techniques, such as Neuro-linguistic Programming, are featured alongside specific job-hunting advice, helping you to develop a winning mindset and foster skills to take with you into your new career.

    Discover how to:

    • Find the job that?s right for you

    • Write a knockout CV and cover letter

    • Prepare for the interview

    • Give a great presentation

    • Build your confidence and develop a successful outlook

  • The CSI Project Delivery Practice Guide

    Get the must-have reference on standards and best practices for the delivery of a construction project.

    The CSI Practice Guides are a library of comprehensive references specifi cally and carefully designed for the construction professional. Each book examines important concepts and best practices integral to a particular aspect of the construction process. Laying the foundation for this series, The CSI Project Delivery Practice Guide provides fundamental knowledge for the documentation, administration, and successful delivery of construction projects. It also serves as the pivotal starting point for understanding CSI?s core values, as well as a useful study aid for those wishing to obtain the Construction Documents Technologist certificate.

    This easy-to-follow guide:

    • Is a great introduction to the construction process for the new practitioner.
    • Functions as a ready reference for the experienced construction professional.
    • Packaged with the book is an access code which allows access to a password-protected web site with bonus content, including a PDF of the printed book and copies of CSI format documents, such as UniFormat and SectionFormat/PageFormat.

    The CSI Project Delivery Practice Guide offers general information all construction professionals need for understanding their roles in the delivery of a construction project. Key principles are presented and discussed in detail to allow the reader to take full advantage of material covered in depth by the more specialized CSI Practice Guides. If you can own only one Practice Guide, this is the one to get.

  • Guitar Chords for Dummies®

    Whether you?re playing blues, rock, classical, or folk-all the chords you?ll need are here Even Eric Clapton started with a few basic chords. And Guitar Chords For Dummies offers guitarists of every ambition, skill level, and musical genre a key to the simplest and most complex guitar chords-over 600 in all. Illustrated with a grid showing the position of the fingers on a string, a photograph of the chord being played, and a brief comment on the chord and how to play it, this handy, portable reference offers musicians, whether experimenting at home or playing in a coffee house, instant access to the full range of chords that can be played on a guitar. Covers the theory and techniques of guitar chords Features a handy, portable design, which can fit into a guitar case Includes a convenient lay-flat (wire bound) format, allowing users to easily try out new chords An ideal resource for broadening musical technique and getting new ideas, Guitar Chords For Dummies will help you, whether you?re just picking up the guitar or a seasoned musician, add sparkle and range to your musical repertoire.

  • Mastering Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008

    A complete, winning approach to the number one small business solution

    Do you have 75 or fewer users or devices on your small-business network? Find out how to integrate everything you need for your mini-enterprise with Microsoft?s new Windows Server 2008 Small Business Server, a custom collection of server and management technologies designed to help small operations run smoothly without a giant IT department. This comprehensive guide shows you how to master all SBS components as well as handle integration with other Microsoft technologies.

    • Focuses on Windows Server 2008 Small Business Server, an integrated server solution for small business, and part of the new Windows Essential Server Solutions
    • Covers the essentials of SBS deployment and setup, as well as integration with Windows Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Windows Update Services 3.0, Web Server technologies, and Windows Live OneCare for Server
    • Walks you step-by-step through instructions and practical applications and provides plenty of real-world examples to reinforce concepts

    Get the very most out of Windows Server 2008 SBS with this comprehensive guide.

  • The GED For Dummies®

    Get the skills and know-how you need to pass the GED test Earning a GED can provide you with an advantage over other job and education candidates and the confidence to take the next step. The GED For Dummies, 2nd Edition gives you fresh and relevant example questions from the GED and even more hands-on training in each of the 5 subject areas to help you maximize your success and earn a passing score. Features 2 full practice tests in each of the 5 subject areas with detailed walk-throughs and explanations for every solution Offers advice on test preparation, from registering and studying effectively to managing your time during the exam Improve your job and education prospects now by studying for the GED with this easy-to-follow, proven guide!